NalandaWest Chairs: Shrine Room and Dining

NW-Chairs-Project-GIVING-LargeAs part of the ongoing upliftment of the center, and in honor of NalandaWest’s 10th anniversary, we will be replacing the folding chairs in the Mahabodhi Shrine Room and the dining room.

For those of you who have sat in either of those places, you know that the folding chairs have been there since the inauguration of the center, and are not too comfortable for any length of time. They are especially uncomfortable for our sangha members who have physical ailments.

Nalandabodhi members Inness Hanson and Jay Sacks have identified a model of stacking chair that would be a suitable replacement, and have negotiated a discount with the vendor.

For just $45 / chair, this seating will be a great support to those who use the chairs as their meditation seat in the shrine room, as well as for community gatherings in the dining room.

Other good news: $1000 has already been pledged, which will purchase 20 chairs! This leaves 108 chairs left to be sponsored. (Auspicious!)

Would you consider sponsoring a chair? If you are coming to Sangha Retreat 2014, then we would be happy to reserve that chair for you this year, and then make that chair available to all future participants of programs at NW.

Please contact Nadine Selden if you have questions.

“Genuine altruism comes from a state of equanimity. We’re at peace with ourselves and content with what we have. Having overcome self-fixation, we’re relaxed and happy. Giving is effortless and a source of joy.”
– Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche